Audio is Just as Important as Video in a Video Production

In video production, one of the most frustrating aspects of internet videos is the poor quality of audio. What is even more shocking is to see videos produced by other video production companies in Dallas that are nearly as bad. They sound like home movies.

Bad audio is worse than bad image quality. I hate to see either be sub par but, I would have to pick audio if forced to choose between the two. Luckily, I am not forced to make that choice. At Webvideo 360 we pride ourselves on producing pristine audio and beautiful cinematic image quality for our customer’s video productions in Dallas and beyond.

Here are some things to look for with audio recordings in your video productions. Never EVER use a mic that is located on a video camera to capture audio of a speaking person. It is okay for capturing ambient sounds like at the beach but, a dedicated high quality mic must be used to record the spoken word. For our productions in Dallas we generally do not use lavaliere (lapel) microphones instead we use a much higher quality condenser microphone placed just above the head of the speaker. This is how audio is generally recorded for movies. It provides several benefits to the lavaliere approach. First, it looks better. No mic in the shot is always preferable unless your trying to make your subject look like a news anchor. Secondly, it avoids the inevitable bumping of the mic by actors or speakers. Sometimes, a lavaliere does not get bumped but slides around on a tie or another part of clothing and it creates a low rumbling noise that is added to the audio track. Another reason we like the boom mic technique better is it gives you more choice on the type and quality of microphone. Although there are some very nice lavaliere mics available, they do not compare to the best studio condenser microphones like the Schoeps MK4.

One of the reasons we pride ourself on audio is that we also produce audio file quality audio recordings of classical music and have produced several videos as well. Watch this one.

Feel free to contact us about producing audio for your next production or the entire video.